by Kathy
(Hanford, calif)

Picked the kitten ( 4 month)up from SPCA Wednesday. Very sweet female. When asked they said she has a little of a eye infection which was clearing up, but otherwise she was fine. 24 hours later she can not walk on her back legs. She plays, kicks, eats, drinks,but will not stand. I took her to the Vet of course who did a Ultrasound, lab, they say they are not sure what it is except her WBC was 40,000 and should be 20,000 so they put her on ABT. It is now 72 hours later and she is still the same, no better, no worse.Vet says they are not really sure what is going on. has anyone had the same experience? I don't want to put her down but do not want a cat that can not even walk.I feel I would be doing her a diservice. But it would be nice to know what is wrong. She was Neg on her leukenia also.

Answer from Kate
It is a little too early to say whether this issue will sort itself out or not and so putting her down would be a little too premature.

The SPCA should be helping you out in this situation especially with the cost of any tests etc. It is not in their interest to rehome cats which develop illness so soon afterwards. If I were you I would contact them again and ask for some help with this. they should have vets at their disposal.

As to what could be causing this I'm afraid i could not say. It would suggest some sort of nerve damage or perhaps even neurological. Maybe the medication for her eye has had something to do with it if she has reacted badly to it. This is another good reason to take her back to the SPCA, if there is a problem with their meds or their is a possible virus going around they need to know to protect their other animals too.

I hope this is just a temporary hiccup and that your kitten will be back to her old self soon

best wishes Kate

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