please help

by Kelsey
(salem, ohio, u.s)



My cat is a year and a half old, one day he was perfectly fine, the next day he came home he was walking like his back paw was broke I took him to the vet and she said it was some type of trauma and he would heal, i've taken him back three times since then and he has only gotten worse everytime I take him the vet says the same thing and give him a steriod shot,its not just his back paw anymore its all four or atleast it seems to be when he tries to stand. Today I woke up and went to lay with him he can no longer stand without falling over and will not even let me pet him without him growling or crying, hes still eating and drinking water but he cant stand to even do it his food has to be sat right infront of him,my cat still purs as long as I dont touch his back he still seems happy, just you can tell hes in pain. he has another appointment tomorrow and I dont want them to put him to sleep I love my cat he's my best friend, do you know anything it could be..please let me know if you do, thank you so much!

-Animal lover

Answer by Kate
Oh dear this sounds terrible for you both. I must admit i have never come across this before.

I must admit I am not that impressed with your vet, if you have been back three times and have had no tests done, blood work etc or even xrays or something. Is it possible to find another vet (try to go to a smaller long established company if possible).

Don't forget you are in charge not the vet and if you are not happy with how they are treating your cat or you don't like their suggestions, always get a second opinion elsewhere.

I really would love to know what the diagnosis of this is, if you find out could you drop me a line here?

I really feel for you both, it must be terrible.

I wish you both all the best

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