Pooping Next to Litter Box, Vomiting More Often

by Chelsey

my cat baby

my cat baby

My cat is almost 5 years old. She's an indoor cat is always active. The past few (maybe 2-3) months, I noticed that she's been vomiting more than usual. Maybe 4 times a week. I usually find a hairball, but not always. She has been eating Purina Indoor Cat Formula for the past 3 years, and I figured maybe I should change her food. So I got her Iams Digestive Care, which seemed to help for almost two weeks. This morning she vomited again, and I noticed her poop landed right outside her litter box (altho it seem she may have aimed for the floor while in the open box by mistake). However, she has pooped right beside the litter box at other times during these months... I'd say about 3-4 times. At her annual last year, vets said she was perfectly healthy. She will be due for another visit this year (even though they told me I could bring her every OTHER year since she was an only pet and kept indoors at all times). How worried should I be?

If it were me i wouldn't be that worried. It sounds to me that the pooping may have been accidents especially if the litter box is not covered. i have known lots of cats to misjudge their aim in this way. You could try the cat attract litter if you do feel that this is a deliberate missing, as sometimes the litter cat be an issue for some cats.


As for the vomiting, well some cats are more prone to hairballs than others. Do you brush her regularly to try and keep the amount of fur she digests to the minimum. this is especially important when the weather gets warmer they shed more.

if she is prone to hairballs their are things you can give her which helps her get rid of them easier before they build up too much. See my page about this here hairballs.html

As you are concerned for your cat, i would still take her to the vets for a regular yearly checkup anyway, at the very least it will help put your mind at rest and may even catch something early.

Love the picture by the way, she's a cutie.

best wishes kate

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