Possible Early Pregnancy Symptoms?

by Nancy
(Winnipeg, Mb)

Cleo in 2008

Cleo in 2008


Our cat that had escaped from us for approx. 30 mins. and we are unsure if pregnant.she came back dirty(not hard considering shes white) and acting normal. But she is now going into a heat(mostly calling) and i wanted to know if that was normal soon after mating. this is the second time she has escaped and it is too early to tell if pregnant from the last time. its only been about a week and a half since the last escape. I cant tell strictly by behaviour because the weather has been hot for the last week or so and cooler at nights so her personality changes from day to night(usually does when its hot). she tends to gain and lose weight every now and then also (especially when she gets jelous). she has obviously never been fixed and i know a lot of people allow there cats out in this area but i am unsure if they are all fixed. Any advice, if there even is any at this stage, would be helpful.

And dont worry we are aware on how to treat and care for pregnant cats and newborn kittens considering we got our cat from our old cats last litter. :). i am just looking for some possible symptoms. i tend to be a bit excited about any new possible arrivals. ;P

thanks, i hope to hear something soon.

Answer by Kate
cats are one of the only animals I believe that mate several times and can have a litter which has kittens from different fathers.

So unfortunately the fact that she is calling still is not unusual but does not necessarily mean she has already mated.

unfortunately it is very hard to know when cat is pregnant or not, usually the signs don't show until quite late in the pregnancy, i.e behaviour changes and physical signs.

this page does through some of the signs later on

best wishes Kate

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