Possible urinary tract infection or a prostate problem??

I think my cat (male) may have a unrinary tract infection or a prostate problem, how can I tell and how should I treat? He is 8 years old and is nuetered. A couple of weeks ago he started peeing in areas around the house other than his litter box, which he has never done. My sister sugested that I put him on a different food for cats wtih a urinary tract infection which I did and he started going in his litter box again but the other day I noticed that while going (I think pee) he started crying, more like screaming. This has only happened twice and other wise seems to be very healthy. He is eating, drinking and playing normally. I should state that occasionally, I have noticed that his pee doesn't seem to be as much - when I go to scoop it out of the litter box it appears to be more sparse.

Any suggestions would be most helpful.


Answer by Kate
Hi, i don't understand why you are not taking your cat to the vet if you think he is unwell. If he has either of your suspected problems the only way to treat them is with vet medications only.


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Your pet has UTI
by: gary

The symptoms clearly point out to a case of feline urinary tract infection. Your pet is avoiding the litter box thinking that it must be causing the painful discharge of urine (you observed the cat crying or screaming right?). Well, you got options to this end.

(1) go to the vet and most likely you'll get a prescription of pet antibiotics (the consultation would cost you though)

(2) try to reformulate your pet's diet--cat's are pure meat eaters and feeding them animal meat can resolve health issues; and

(3) use natural UTI treatments. Unlike pet antibiotics, pet standardized herbal remedies are a concoction of natural ingredients such as the Berberis Vulgaris (enhances bladder functions) Uva Ursi(restores PH levels in the urinary tract)and other homeopathic substances working naturally to heal symptoms, prevent its recurrence and encourage the healthy flow of urine...without the side effects of antibiotics.

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