Precious little kitten is sick

My husband brought home two kittens two days ago.

The elderly women he got them from said that they were 9 weeks old and fully weaned. To me, they appear to be about 5 weeks old, and i doubt that they are fully weaned because they suckle on my clothing constantly.
The female kitten is fine, but the little male kitten has just started throwing up these little puddles of what appears to be milk.
He was very full of energy when he came to our home, but now all that he does is slinker down into a little ball of fur and cry.
He stays very sleepy, when his sister comes near him to play he gets up and moves away and goes back to crying.
i don't know what to do.
He is a very precious kitten, i would hate for anything to happen to him, but the fact of the matter is that we can not afford to take on a veterinary bill as well as all of the other expenses we have. (a two year old, a one year old, another one on the way, and a kitten as well as a load of bills)
What in the world do i do?
Could it be that they aren't weaned and water isn't treating him so well, or a heat stroke, or maybe a drastic change in diet?
Please, if you can, help me.
i am at my wits end.
Concerned mommy,
Elizabeth Wakefield

Answer by Kate
Oh what a terrible position to be in. unfortunately very young kittens can get sick easily and it is always advisable that they see a vet during these early weeks.

It is impossible to say if he is seriously ill or whether he simply has a upset stomach.

if you possibly can, i would get him to a vet. if not all you can do is to treat them as if they are not weaned (9 weeks is still very young for this to be complete)

rest his stomach for a day and give him only special kitten milk or kitten formula(not cows as this will upset his stomach further)

I have lots of pages about kitten care from what to feed them and how to wean them etc.
here is the first page read them all to get a good overall picture.

But to be honest with you looking after two kittens will incur a cost, there will be vaccination, spaying/neutering as well as flea and worming etc. All vital to ensure that they live happy healthy lives. So if you really think that you will not be able to provide this for them, then try and find a no kill shelter for them now, so that they will be able to be cared for and rehomed.

I also have a list of some shelters on this site too.

best wishes Kate

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