Precious The Cat

Precious the cat - My name is Zara and this is my cat.

She is 1 years old and Lives in FL, USA with me.

Her favourite food is: Noodles she is kind of odd that way. 

This is what I like doing the best:
Catching bugs

Her funny habits are: She will be sleeping then bite you she eats human food like noodles and cheese puffs

How I found Precious the cat: I begged my mom to let me keep her

Comment from Kate

Hi Zara, you haven’t told us much about your cat and we would love to know more about he, especially about a cat that likes to eat noodles. I have had and known many cats with all sorts of funny eating habits but I have never come across one that likes to eat noodles. I wonder how this first started, did you give her some or did you just find her eating some she found?

It sounds like Precious just turned up at your house as a stray and that you decided you wanted to keep her. If so then she is a very lucky lady in deed. I do think cats know where o go where they will be looked after. I think they have a special sense about these things. One of my first cats did this; she just turned up one night in a storm and just never left us again. My dad used to say that he thought there was a big invisible sign above our house saying cat home, all welcome.

Your cat has a lovely face and I love her markings too. It makes her look very cheeky and full of mischief.

Please add some more pages about your cat using the form below. we would love to see some more pictures of her and also hear more of your stories about her and her adventures.


soon precious will be producing milk becaus she eats all day unless she is sleeping and she drinks icy cold water until the bowl was dry


ok so precious is pregnant and the kittens kicked for the very 1st time all night last night i cant wait to see the kittens and im making a room all about her pregnancy for her till we sell the kittens. This is the picture of her belly.

the babys

Well precious had her second litter of kittens a few weeks ago and no the babies are big and fluffy there about 3 weeks old they can walk and they love to wrestle.

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