Precious Won't Stop Peeing

by Becca
(Pittsburgh, PA)

I have 3 female cats all under the age of 1 year. There are no signs of aggression they sleep and eat together and play all the time. Two are related and the one thats not won't stop peeing! She picked a place against a wall and she also goes on my work pants (I'm a dog groomer) or my clothes or purse. I tested her for a urinary tract infection which came up negative and called my vet and they told me it might be aggressive but none of my cats are aggressive to each other. They even groom each other. There are 2 litter boxes one in a secluded area and another in a different room. I clean them out once a day. Should I move a litterbox against the wall where she keeps going? Should I get more litter boxes? Or should I get a plug-in that releases phermones to keep the peace(are they safe?)? I don't know what to do! Please help!

Answe by Kate siteowner
As you know the reason why a cat pees in places other than their litter tray is a sign that they are trying to communicate to others and themselves that this is their territory. It could be that something is amking your cat feel insecure in the home, unfortunately it can be quite difficult to asertain what this is. It copuld be the other cats, it could be the smell of dogs on your clothes, it could be that where the litter trays are feels insecure where they are. Please read my pages on this site about cat urination and litter tray training it may give you a few ideas as to what is causing the problem.
I have never used the phermone sprays so i cannot comment on them i'm afraid.

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