pregnant cat problem

several months ago, there was this female stray cat that found its way on the roof of our laundry area. we fed her and since then, it went to our rooftop to eat. she couldn't get in our house because we already have three dogs and she also nibbled (or perhaps bit?) my toes twice when she was able to get in (she entered through the window in my room).

2 months ago, i found her on our roof with a large male cat. several nights before that, i heard her making loud sounds, which my grandmother said was a mating call. soon after, her belly started to swell.

a week before, she has been constantly staying on the roof and she just sleeps there the whole day. 2 days ago, she went missing and my sister told me that she heard the cat 'meowing' in my room.

this evening, i heard scratching sounds from my ceiling and finally a faint meow. i knew it was her so i made 2 tiny holes on the ceiling, large enough so i could fit my head and arms in them. i peeked and saw her!

i tried to call her but she wouldn't come to me. she seemed rather weak. i knew i had to get her out of the ceiling so i pulled her out of the ceiling. i know it sounds cruel but i really had no other choice (i pulled by holding her on the skin at her back).

when i pulled her out, i noticed that there is a red sticky liquid near her vagina. i wanted to send her out of my room (we can't keep her) but she just laid on the corner. i also didn't want to send out a poor animal who i think was about to give birth. so, i called a friend who owned cats and she told me to find a box and put her there.

here are my concerns:

i'm worried that i
may have caused her to excrete the red sticky liquid after i pulled her out forcefully. is she going to be safe? i'm planning to ask my mom if we can take her to the vet tomorrow morning (there's no nearby vet clinic from where we live) we didn't officially adopt the cat. we just feed her everyday and after she eats, she'd go somewhere else.

since we really can't take her in, can we move the box somewhere near our house? will she and her family be okay if we do that?

i hope you could help me with my problem. thanks and more power.

Answer by Kate
If you feed a cat you are giving a sign that you will take care of them and that is why the cat has come to your house when she is feeling unwell. SO in a way you have already adopted her even if she does not live in your house.

I would say that you did the right thing in getting her out of the ceiling and I don't think you caused the excretion.

Now as to what is wrong with her, well only a vet can really tell. She may be near birth or she may have an infection or even been attacked, Sometimes the mating process can be rather rough and painful for the female.

If you can get her to a vet that would be the best option, he she should than be able to advise about whether or not she is about to give birth.

Any warm dry box placed in a secure area will be good inside or out. The kittens need to be safe, warm and dry. So if you have shed or covered area this would be good, but at the end of the day often the mother cat will decide for herself where is best for her.

best wishes kate
P.s thank you for caring for this little stray, they do lean a tough life.

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