pregnant cat vomiting

by Jess

I have took in my friends moms cat. She is pregnant. Lately I have noticed her puking but the last time she puked up orange stuff not food but it was liquid. I dont know what this means. Is she sick? is it caused by hairballs? or is normal for a pregnant cat?

Answer by Kate
well I wouldn't say that it was normal for a pregnant cat to throw up, so it but have a seperate cause. However it is impossible for me to say whether or not it is caused by hairballs or a tummy upset.

Usually with hairballs they have a period of retching and bringing up white froth but if they retch enough they could rupture a blood vessel which would cause blood or pinking in the vomit.

All I can say is that if you are really concerned and if the problem persists then the best thing you can do is to take them to the vets.

Hope all is well

Best wishes KAte

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pregnant cat
by: Sophie's mommy

We have taken in a stray pregnant cat and she has been on a couple different foods in a few days trying to find whats best for her and just today on the fourth day she has started throwing up food twice and the third it was clear, also her poop is runny and yellowish. She's been eating a lot and drinking a lot. I thought at first because she was outside and wasn't getting proper food and water, or maybe that she's pregnant. She's sleeping a lot and I'm really not sure on how far along she could be. I'm doing a lot of research but cannot come up with a proper answer that I feel comfortable with. I don't have the funds for the vet at this time any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

throwing up
by: Lorraine

Our female cat Paris has had 5 litters - and she ALWAYS throws up throughout the 65 day gestation.
In fact - I think she is pregnant she threw up this morning.
Just thought you should know.

pregnant and vomitinng
by: Anonymous

my cat is preggers adn she is vomiting everytime she eats... just food .. is it normal

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