Pregnant Persian Mama Cat

by Anonymous

We recently adopted a beautiful pregnant tortoise colored Persian cat. The original owner died, and the seller didn't have alot of info. on her. She has adjusted nicely to our home, and to our family. She's very loving, and here recently we noticed her nipples have dropped and are getting fuller, so anyday were expecting babies.

However, yesterday my older son was home with her and noticed she was eating something. He took a closer look and he said whatever it was did not have a head, and was missing an arm or leg...he was grossed out by the time we got home, she had eaten whatever it was. We looked for kittens, and checked her and there were no signs of kittens or that she had given birth. Well, this morning it happened again.. There was something laying on our floor, at first it looked like she had pooped, only it didn't smell, and it was hard to make out what it looked smushed and was rather big. We don't have rats, or mice and I can't tell if she's throwing it up or pooping it out. No blood, just some weird looking smushed thing, thought it had a tail. It's not the amniotic sac, that much i can tell. Her behavior is normal, still eating and drinking good. Please help someone


Confused and Concerned

I am not surprised your are confused and concerned, I know I would be too.

If she had given birth to this whatever it was I would expect to see some evidence of blood etc around her rear end. Also i'm sure she would have still shown signs of going into labor ie contractions etc.

Are you sure that she is not getting these whatever they are from outside?

All i can suggest is that if you do believe that they are the right size etc for kittens then your only course of action is to take her to see a vet as soon as you can. If these are kittens then something is definitely wrong and there may be other trouble inside of her.

Perhaps if possible keep her inside for 24 hours and see if it happens again, if it does then you know it is her kittens and she needs help.

I would be very interested to know what the outcome is as this is very strange indeed.


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