princees my cat name

hello there my ktten is called princess and she is 13weeks old, what the problem is she keeps shaking her head and scratching one of her ears and she brought white flem up once and she keeps sleeping non stop she sleeps 18hours a day or more, she dosn't play often she is realli lazey for a kitten and every time me or my boyfriend goes to pick her up she meow mad, weve had her to the vets and theyve said there is no ear mites in her ears and they said that is normal for a kitten to sleep like that and they said that kitten is fit and healthy, i just need a 2nd opinion please...

Answer from Kate
Hi let me say first off that you did the right thing by having her checked over a by a vet as soon as you thought something could be wrong. Well done.

As for a second opinion, well obviously without examining her it is difficult to say but the vet would have been able to see if their were ear mites or not so if he did not see any then thats good.

Kittens and cats can sleep a lot and also from time to time they may pick up a little bug which knocks them for six for a few days, just like when we get a cold etc. but this should pass.

My advice would be to keep an eye on her over the coming weeks and months and see if you notice any other strange behaviors which you are not sure about or think are abnormal and if you see any then to go back to your vets and discuss this further.

All you can do is to make sure she is treated for fleas and wormed with the appropriate medication for her age. To feed her good quality food. To provide her with lots of things to keep her happy and stimulated in the home to encourage her to play etc. New toys, climbing trees etc. And give her lots of human interaction to help socialize her. She is still very young and over the coming weeks and months she will change in all sorts of ways both physically and mentally.

i have some pages here on the site about kitten care which you may find of further interest here

best wishes Kate

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