Purring cat

by Lorie
(Lubbock, TX, USA)

Why is my 9 year old cat purring all the time? He sounds like he might be congested. He acts fine other wise. He is still eating and drinking and being the boss.

Well purring can mean several things. It can be a sign of contentment and happiness or it can be used when the cat is feeling stressed and anxious. This is why i have seen cats purr after a car accident, it can be very confusing.

However some cats are constant purrers if they are very happy in their home. My neighbors cat purrs all the time but my two need a lot of coxing to get them to purr.

If all this purring is a new thing for your cat and also as you say he sounds a little congested it could be that he has picked up a slight bug which is making him feel a little unwell. Keep an eye on him over the next few days to see if things get any better. If not and you are still concerned then it may be wise to have a vet take a look in case there is something stuck in his nose or throat or some other cause for the constant purring. A few days of monitoring his behavior is your first step though.

best wishes kate

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