Puss coming from kittens vagina

by Lisa
(Plymouth, IN, USA)

I have an 8? week old kitten. Today I noticed she had a hard sac? attached to the outside of her vagina. Using cotton swabs, I removed the sac. After removing it, yellow-green puss began slowly coming from inside her vagina. I wiped it using a tissue. After about 10 minutes, I checked her again. More yellow-green puss. Can you tell me what is going on and is it contagious as I have another female kitten? What are my options?

Thanks, Lisa

it sounds to me like she may have had an internal infection. pus like this is a indication of this.

Your best option is to take her to see the vet to have checked over to make sure there is no physical reason why this infection started. Also the vet will be able to administer antibiotics if needed.

i would keep your kittens separate until you have seen the vet. Just in case the other kittens grooms the sick kitten or gets the pus on its fur.

Hope she is better soon

best wishes kate

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What happened to your kittens?
by: KK

Hello i just recently found a kitten that is doing same thing. I was wondering if you found anything out or if there was any changes to the kittens. My daughter wants to keep her but i never seen this before. Anything will help. Thanks

Pus coming from kittens vagina
by: Lisa

Both of these kittens were dropped out of a car window at my home. They have been sleeping in my garage and I feed them scraps from dinner. I have been unemployed for a year and cannot afford a vet bill. I do not have any family or friends that can loan me money and my credit card is maxed out, so these are not options as far as a vet bill goes. Do I have any other options? I cannot separate the kittens as they are both too young to be outside over-night. Should I get rid of the one that has the pus?

Thanks, Lisa


Hi I think your best option is to take them to are homing center. The reason is that as they get older and start to breed you could find your yard area over run with cats.


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