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I have just recently moved to a new apartment, and my older male cat has had several accidents since...especially on my couch. He is indoor and outdoor, but seems to be afraid to go outside, and I think he holds it in until he gets inside :(.

When he is inside, I keep a close eye on him so he doesnt have accidents on the couch, and he sleeps with me, so I keep my bedroom door shut. He mostly has accidents when I am sleeping. This morning I discovered he had sprayed my drapes, and his scratching pad, and when I went to take a shower, he pooped on my bed.
Help! Any alternatives to getting a litterbox? Im curious as to why he wont go poop or pee outside.

Answer from Kate
well quite simply he is trying to make his new home feel like his territory, so he is using urine and feces as ascent markers to help him do this.

It has nothing to do with being afraid to go outside it is purely down to the need he has to make his new home feel like home to him and cats use scent for this.

As to what you can do to help him, well this is difficult if you don't already use a litter tray inside as the recommended technique is to use the confinement method over a week described here to help your calm relax and get used to his new home.


All I can say is that as your cat gets used to his new home and starts to relax more then this sort of behavior should subside. you could also try to help him by distracting him from any anxiety he may have with some new toys and activities for him to get involved in. Also perhaps setting up a routine of feeding and going out times sometimes helps too.

best wishes KAte

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