Queenie A Cat rescue Story

by pamela hayes
(mcminnville tn usa)



One evening I was calling for my black female cat Ashes, as I was calling for her another black kitten can up. It was at dusk and it took me a minute to realize that she wasn't Ashes. The next day I saw the kitten again and petted her and when I saw that she was thin I decided to feed her.

Well she ate and ate like there was no tomorrow.
Later as she started getting friendly and letting me pet her I noticed that even though she was thin her tits looked and felt like she had milk. Well at this point I didn't know if she had already had kittens or if she had yet to give birth. I continued to feed her in any case. I tried to follow her several times to see if I could find the place she was hiding and to find out about the babies.

Days later I noticed where she was going and heard the sound of kittens. I couldn't tell how many there were and I worried alot. My husband told me she would bring them out when she got ready.

In the meantime I had been letting her come into the house a couple of times a day and showed her the food and the litter box. Each time she came in she ate all the food that was down and used the litter box, she nosed around for a few minutes then wanted to go back outside.

After about a week, on Sunday morning I had opened the door waiting for her to come in. When she did she went to the litter box and then went straight to my bedroom and crawled into bed with my husband,nosed
around and she then proceeded to go back outside.

In just a few minutes I thought I heard something outside and went to look and I found her bringing a kitten to my house, she had put it down a few times before she made it all the way into the house and to the bedroom. I had left the front door open in case she had to get more kittens but she never returned to her hiding place. I guessed that the 1 kitten was all she had. I later went into the room to see what was happening, she was on the bed trying to find a way to get the kitten up there with her.
I picked the kitten up and place it in the bed with Mom. I then went and got a clothes basket and put a towel and blanket in there and place the kitten in there and she then jumped in there and proceeded to feed the baby. I decided to name her Queenie and I don't know about a name for the kitten yet,I dont know if it is a boy or girl. I already have 2 cats PeeWee and Ashes, now I have 2 more.

comment by Kate
great story Pamela, cats always know when someone is a cat person or not and are always very willing to claim you for themselves. :)

by: Soaliha

im glad that cat found a loving home
i have 2 cats that are almost my age
muffin-15 yrs
and toffee-10 years
im 12
Special person
by: Anonymous

How special you are for your insight. There should be more people like you in the world. Your kittys are lucky to have you, God bless you all.

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