questions about my cat peluche

by nancy hernandez

both him and my other cat simba.have been fixed and had their rabies question is.about peluche.sometimes hes active and plays with his brother.then sometimes he looks sick.and just lays around.he does eat,i give him soft and hard food.could the soft food,be making him feel like this,he lays around.and doesnt like me holding my husband will pick him up and talk to him.he meows to get down.he knows his i love my cats very much.i play with them all the time.peluche,when im sitting down.he will come up to me loving on me.hes my baby.if anything was to happen to him i dont know what i would friend keeps telling me he might have that feline leukemia.could his laying around.sleeping have anything to do with i said he is active with his brother.just not all the time.please help me.and is there some kind of food.for simba that would taste and smell like chicken.because all he will eat is ham.and human food.he will not touch catf ood.and about peluche.he eats cat food.hard and soft,my husband wanted me to ask if the reason peluches been acting lazy.laying around sleeping.drinking alot of water has anything to do with the softfood,making him sick.and is there a good nutritional hard cat would eat and like?i hope to hear something back from you thank you nancy hernandez

Answer by Kate
Hi Nancy
regarding cats foods. As long as you are buying a
middle of the range cat food brand your cat should be getting all the nutrients required for good health. it is only the cheaper ones like Go cat which are high in ash and so not that great.

As for his behavior, well only you can really say if his behavior changes significantly enough for you to think there is a problem. i say this as every cats behavior is different and so if one cats plays a lot and another doesn't it doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong with that cat. but if a cats behavior changes and you the owner notice this change then yes there may be a problem.

nancy the only way to know for sure if your cat is healthy or not is to take them to a vets for a check up. yes it will cost but what price peace of mind or the health of your cat. i love my cats dearly too and i loved my last cat so much too and when the end of her life came we did everything we could for her which cost us a lot. But as i say what price love, it is the choice we make.

if you are really worried then take him to the vets to at the very least put your own mind at rest, your cat will pick up on your anxieties and that could make things worse.

best wishes Kate

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