Questions about new Siberian kitten

by Robin

Is a white cat with blue eyes (siberian breed) most susceptible to diseases and skin allergies?

Also, when is the correct time to get your female cat spayed? My vet says at 6 months old. 6 months old sounds very young to me. She is not even fully grown.
Also, she is very aggressive toward our 5 year old cat. Today I found her with a mouth full of cat fur - the older cat's fur! How can I stop her from biting and aggravating our older cat? Is this just kitten play?

Answer by Kate
Well i do not have enough experience to answer the first question about white cats and allergies i'm afraid, so i won't try to answer that, i do know they they may have eyesight or hearing fromblems i belive but a vet will the best person to ask.
Regarding the spay issue, no 6 month is the best time as a kitten is sexually mature from between 4 months and 6 months and so she could get pregnant now.
The fighting could be play fighting. Was she taken a way from her mum too soon and not learnt how to play nicely, they is somethinga mum cat will teach during the first months of their lives. I'm sure your older cat will try to put her right, but i don't think there is much you can do to stop her. You could try spraying her once with water when she does it as asignal that being that aggressive is a bad thing. Don't over do the spray thing though as you do not want her to become afraid of you.

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