Ramona the Pest!

by Melissa
(Frisco, Texas )

I adopted a cat that is two years old. She is an Abyssinian and Tabby mix. So far she has been a wonderful addition to our family. I am having an issue with her, no one else in the house is. Keep in mind I have a husband and three sons, I'm the only female. Every morning since I got her she wakes me up around 5:00 am to 6:00 am. She starts off by meowing loudly at me, then she starts to cuddle with me, I pet her, rub her and then it turns into aggression. At first she will lick or nibble on my hand, then my face, and then she will attack me. It's not a nice attack either. I tried hiding under the covers she will get on my head and hit at me until I get out. She claws me and it hurts. This goes on all morning, I'm not upset about being woken up, I am upset that she becomes to aggressive and I cant seem to get her to calm down. I've been picking her up and placing her in my bathroom, she has a bed in there and that is the only way to stop her in the morning. Can you please explain to me why she does this and only to me? I named her Ramona the Pest after the children's books because she has become such a pest!

Thank you so much for your help! Melissa

Answer by Kate
Yep sounds to me like normal cat behavior to me. I have two cats who wake me up every morning at 4am to be let out. they start by budging my hand and end up biting my feet if i dont get up to let them out.

So you have to decide do you get up to let her out or feed her whatever she wants or do you keep your door locked and hope that she gets bored and goes back to sleep.

Sorry but every cat I have ever had has displayed a similar behavior. Its not aggression its frustration.

best wishes Kate

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Thank You!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for answering my question. This morning I got up and walked with her to her food and water. She came back to my bed and seemed happy. Even though she has food, I set it out before I go to bed, she seems to want me to go with her.
This is such a great site, glad I found it.

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