random cat behavior

by Kim
(eugene oregon usa)

i live with my parents who have a dog and i have a 2 1/2 year old cat who is having random behavior problems.i used to live out on my own till 7 months ago and moved back so hes had to get used to living with a dog. just recently hes been acting out. i went on vacation for four days. and since ive been back my parents say that he has been knocking stuff over and getting into trouble. stuff he never used to do before. ive been back for two days and today we found out he peed on the counter on some books. is he trying to send me a message? why is he doing this? ive been paying attention to him since i got back cause i know he must have missed me..so i don't know why hes doing this. any suggestions would be very useful

Answer by Kate
This sounds completely normal behaviour for a cat who has lots of changes in their lives with the last few months.

Everything you have said regarding the wetting etc is a sign that he feels unsettled and the behaviour is not bad behaviour but a way fro him to make his environment smell more like him and so comfort him.

As for the knocking things over etc, sounds just like a bored cat trying to explore and oops knocking things over. Not deliberate.

as for what you can do for them well hopefully as time moves on and he becomes more settled with the new home, dog and coming and goings etc that he we be happier with the situation and calm down. Also I would say that you may need to try and make his home a little more stimulating to keep him active and his attention away from the things that are upsetting him. Please see my page here https://www.our-happy-cat.com/indoor-cats.html

Lets hope the little guy settles down soon.

best wishes Kate

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