raw spots above cats eye

by Mary

I have a 7 year old female calico cat, she has just developed raw spots above her left eye.

I had a cat a few years ago, same type cat who also had this condition, my husband had decided to try and heal the wounds himself with peroxide,(the other cat we had) the cat scratched at it worse. When we took her to the vet they did a biopsy, which concluded nothing. Above the eye was bald by the time we took her, so they thought tumor, no doubt. They then put her on anbiotics to prevent infection from the biopsy, and it time the wounds healed.

This time, with this cat...and by the way, both are female, I have only put polysporin antibiotic on it myself. (very little and no where near the eye) I have noticed it is actually getting worse. (more tiny raw spots)

Very sadly, I cannot afford to take my cat to the vet...as I am unemployed and not with the husband.

Is there anything I can do for my cat at home? Or any idea of what this might be?

Answer by Kate
Unfortunately the only real way to know what it is , is to get a vet to take a look. Contact a local animal charity and see if their are any free or subsidised vets in the area.

Sounds to me like it could be some sort of allergy or mite problem causing the area to be itching and so causing the cat to scratch more in that area. Again only a vet can really diagnose and prescribe.

I do have some pages here on my site that you may find of interest though regarding this issue here are the pages

I do hope you can find some way of getting your cat seen by a vet soon (here in the Uk there are several animal charities which provide free services , so i would imagine that there would also be in other areas of the world too)

best wishes Kate

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Same issue on male tabby
by: Kjsddasa

It was starting to scab over then all of the sudden today it's raw again. I'm home most of the time and never see him messing with it but I'm disabled and my husband recently became disabled so veterinary care is draining. Did you ever find out what caused it? We don't have any veterinary care via charities in the US that I'm aware of, other than the spray neuter and vaccines at a lesser rate. (he did react HORRIBLY to his last rabies vaccine... It was scary)

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