Re homing cats :(

I had an 8yr old cat-step mom and 1,5yr old cat-step daughter-2girls who went to a divorce' with a 15yr son,not living with her she tells me they are fine but only by email says her phone is not working! I am worried because they had their own set ways and only liked me!

Then there's My Dad cat-6yrs old went to a divorce' he has F.U.T.D,H Blood pressure,and his heart beats too fast and stress makes him sick but the lady has money to take care of him and a big house,I just worry about his health and him being away from his wife and son,daughter(above),my sm shih tzu and me!
Then the mother 6yr old will go to some one alone? She is very friendly not worried about her! Just a little!
The son 5yrs old has Hip dysplasia in his knees I was very attached to him from birth,he kept coming to me and not his mother! He is going to a home with a few other cat's! He will go with a volunteer from the rescue ladies house where she volunteers!

I am just grieving so bad and regret re homing them and would like to know will they eventually be O.K emotionally?

I took the best care of them and even had health records for each of them! I get to go see the mother and son soon! but I don't know if it will just upset them more or and me!? Is it worth risking it! the first lady who took my 2 girls at the top won't talk to me on the phone! Says her phone is not working,she is even just a few blocks from me-where I moved! Don't know exact address! But she says they are fine but my gut says they are not fine! She emailed me saying oh they are fine they cuddle with her and her
son,but my cat's have attitudes,they only liked me! Also it's only been a month she said this 2 wks in!

Maybe my anxiety is in over drive and just thinking the worst!
Long story short will my cat's adventualy be O.K?
I had to move due to health/financial reasons and could only take my dog!
It hurts sooooooooooo bad! Now my dog is really sick! I think I'm just jinxed!
Sad,Lonely and wondering how my cat's are really doing! Cany you help me by being honest with me Thanks so very much Vicky :(

Answer from Kate
Oh Vicky I am sorry to hear of your situation and I can imagine how hard it must be for you at this time. However look at it this way. cats are very smart animals and although they don't like change too much they can adapt to new situations well. they have a strong survival instinct and will make the most of what they have got.

Also if your circumstances changed and it would have been difficult for you to financially care for all there needs especially when they became sick then it is much better for them that they are with people who can provide this care. It was the kindest thing you could have done for them.

Lastly, your anxiety is just that, anxiety and is not founded in anything more than feelings of missing your cats and perhaps your change in circumstances. take heart and comfort in the knowledge that you did the right thing for your cats and found them new homes. there is no reason on earth that the new owners will not care for them.

Let it go now and focus your attention on yourself and your little dog. Life is too short to worry about things we cannot change. enjoy what you have and know that your cats are being cared for.

best wishes Kate

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oooohhhhh noooo

id say you should get your cats back...your dog may be sick in reason of you giving ur cats away..maybe your gut feeling and guilt could be your cays fretting for you...get them back they are like people they cat adjust that fast at an old age would be like some1 taking you somewhere far from your family..if they felt guilt or sick it would most likely be cos your not happy and content...i have 8 ragdolls id never give them away cos there the only animal that has the colsest brain like a human and they have feelings like have to get them back you would feel better and so will they...i bet the lady who got your babies no longer has them..if i adopted a cat at 8 or 5 years old id deffenetly keep in touch with there owner that raised them..if shes avaoiding you she may have given them away cos they would have been fretting and there would never be a bond ,noo way they want the true owner back i bet your dog will get well too he can feel ur pain

Thanks Kate <3
by: Vicky

I just wanted to thank you Kate I will try to move forward but please remember that I had the 1 cat for 8YRS and the other for 5YRS so it's like giving my children away and not knowing how they are except by email,not so friendly. I just wanted to hear it in her voice that they are OK,the old fashioned way by phone <3 (A Respectful way!) It's even harder as I know they are some where within blocks of where I moved! I don't want nor can't have them back but maybe the lady was or is scared I will want them back! I understand Her feelings! Does she care about mine? I actually regret giving my cat's to her! Any way's I need to find a way to deal or I'm going to go crazy! PS I re-homed my cat's not just for Financial reasons but for Severe Health reason's!!!!

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