Reaction to Vaccine and Rabies shot (and flea shot)

by Jade
(Springdale, Arkansas)




Yesterday I took my cat to have her rabies/vaccination/and flea shot. I brought her home and she was understandably sore on the her bottom (from having gotten her temperature taken) and a bit upset with me. The next day (which is today), she has still not eaten and just sits quietly and sometimes shakes her head uncontrollably. Is this because she is in a lot of pain? When I tried to pick her up, she yells and scats. I did not raise her from a kitten but rather found her as a stray so she is a bit wild but usually lets me pick her up and likes ton of attention. But her behavoir has changed so drastically that I am worried that she is having some sort of allergic reaction to the shots. What do you think?

Thank you,


Answer by Kate
telephone the vet and ask their advice. they will know if the shaking the head etc is anything to worry about.

In my expeirience with my own cat I know that after she gets her flu jabs she is very down for a day or two and sometimes looks as if she has the flu, once she didn't eat for 24 hours and just slept and slept. We later found out that she was very sensitive to the jab.

It could well be that the jab has these side affects with some cats. Check with the vet to see if this could be the case.

best wishes Kate

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A normal reaction
by: Jade

You're right, she was just a little sensitive I guess because of her weight being so low (6 lbs). It took a day and a half but she finally got over it and hopefully forgot about! Sad though.... I think she has nightmares about it because when she wakes up, she is frightened for a second!

Thanks for your help!

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