recently adopted cat acting strange.

by Jesse
(West Australia.)

this is Knox on the first day we got him.

this is Knox on the first day we got him.

Hey guys my self and my girlfriend have recently adopted a 18 month old male neutered ragdoll cross some thing?~

anyways he seems unhappy and seems to dislike me quite a bit he will keep to him self alot of the time sitting on the window seals.

If and when he does want some kind of attention he is very vocal about it meowing alot until he gets a few pats or we talk to him. Often while patting him he will start fine then maybe 30 seconds later start thrashing his tail about i read that some cats just do this while enjoying the pats/attention but not him not long after he will try to bite/claw me.

Just the other night the cat was sitting on the floor of the bedroom while we where in bed my partner invited him up to the bed as soon he jumped up he had his ears back and proceeded to try to bite me again.

I have never met a cat like this and it makes me feel a bit sad i want a friend in Knox (cats name) but i feel he dislikes me :(

oh also hes an indoor only cat but will not play at all with toys or us.

Answer by Kate
Hi well because of his breed he will be a more vocal and active cat and so a bit more temperamental than a moggy. That means he will needs lots to keep him entertained and stimulated in the house through out his life. See this page about this here

However as for his recent behavior it sounds to me like he just has not settled in yet and may be still very anxious about all the changes that have happened to him lately. For some cats it can take some time to feel at home and comfortable with his new people.
As for your relationship with him, well I think you will have to step back and be patient with him and let him choose you rather than you trying to encourage him to come to you. You need to be calm and quiet around him and spend some time every day where you are there for him if he wants. this bonding process is all on his terms so you will have to be patient I'm afraid. i have a page about this bonding behavior here

best wishes Kate

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