Reddish Bump on Skin on Cat's Neck

Cat Skin under Fur at Neck

Cat Skin under Fur at Neck

I noticed a hard somewhat scabby and reddish area on top of my cat's neck skin about 10 mm in diameter. It is covered by the fur, so I had not noticed it. It is not oozing. My cat is a Siamese - Domestic Short Hair mix, seven years old, and never goes outside. I see no evidence of fleas. The area does not seem to be painful to her, and she seems normal. What treatment would be advisable?

Answer by Kate
Well I am not a vet and so cannot prescribe treatment for something which is unknown.

if your cat does not go outside then it must be caused either by her scratching herself (which could be caused either by a mite or an allergy) or she has caught herself on something or is a lump caused by a growth of some sort.

the only way to know for sure is to get a vet to take a look at it and if tests are needed to be done. At least that way you will be able to treat it correctly. If it is a growth then the sooner it is treated the better.

Hopefully it is nothing serious and can be treated easily, but taking them to the vets is really the only solution.

best wishes kate

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Siamese with red bump on neck
by: Anonymous

Any news on the hard red bump on cats neck? My 1 yr old siamese cat has the same thing on her neck, indoor cat, treated for rabies/fleas/ticks etc anyways, and she was just at the vet but I didn’t notice it until a day later.

Bump on neck
by: Sara

Any word on the outcome? My 5 month old kitten has the same thing and I'm worried.

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