Removing dried food from my kitten's nose

by Deb Olchick
(Summit, NJ)

Closeup of Anshel's face

Closeup of Anshel's face

Hi Kate,

I have an unusual problem. I adopted two feral kittens from the shelter I volunteer at in New Jersey and they are doing incredibly well. They are now 5 months old and the only problem we have is Anshel, who is a black and white tuxedo gets either dried food or litter in his nose. It happened at the shelter before I took him home and they suggested I try to get it out with warm water and my finger. This works but there's still some in there, just at the tip of his nostril that is pretty lodged in there. I've tried Q-tips, cotton ball and a soft cloth. He's such a good sport and will let me try to remove it but after a few moments, he's done.

I've asked a few people about this and no one else seems to have this problem. Someone thought it might be a discharge from his nose and not dried food could that be it? It's dark brown and not the color of mucus. I worry that his breathing could be obstructed. He doesn't appear to have any problems but being a new Mom I worry about everything.

I've attached a photo of his face (not the best view of how pretty he is). You can see what I'm referring to if you look closely at his left nostril.

See, I said this was an unusual problem. But I feel so lucky to have two healthy happy new kitties.

Thanks Kate for your help. This site is fabulous and a great comfort to kitty owners like me.


Answer by Kate
Ummm, I do get some unusual questions and this is certainly a first.

i can't quite see the nose clearly in your picture so i am having to guess a little.

It could be that he has previously cut his nose and this is scar tissue build up. often scratches to noses heal and turn brown for good. in this case he may have a little swelling too. i don't know how long he has had it for, but if it is only a day or so i would wait to see iof it changes.

I wouldn't worry about his breathing, as it is on the outside of his nose.

Wait a few more days, leave it alone and see what happens. i am guessing that if it is swelling, that it will go down but may leave a brown mark. or if it is food or litter that it will drop off of its own.

if after a few days it is exactly the same and you still can't move it, then i would take him to the vets in case he has a slight growth (i doubt it though), or to see what the vet thinks can be done.

best wishes Kate

P.S thyank you for your kind comments :)

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