Re:my 8 y,o siamese cat Oliver,not neutered or declawed(Sealpoint)

by karl mahler

Initially I had 2 cats,Oliver and Mittens(female tabby)

I lost Mittens due to an Accident this past Summer.
Of late Oliver has become overly friendly for lack of a better word,
I love Cats and of course don't mind their attention,but Oliver is over the top.
He follows me everewhere in my apt.,incl.the Bathroom,he won't move from my side.
He nudges me,kisses me constantly.
When I'm on the phone or computer he sits right in front of me and interferes.He talks to me,points out that his tray is empty,etc.
He also sleeps with me,right in front of my face.and on and on,I guess you get the picture.
He has never been sick,is only indoors and is a beautiful Cat.
His behavior gets too much sometime and I wish He'd spend some time on his own and let me be,
What is you opinion about this behavior pattern.
Thank you.
Karl Mahler

Answer from KAte
well it sounds to me like he may be feeling rather anxious and feels the need t for your company. If his world his small ie an indoor cat only he needs lots of things to keep his active cat mind occupied. So his home environment needs to be full of things to do and this needs to be changed regularly to prevent boredom. See this page for some ideas.

However he may just still be going through a phase of adjustment after the loss of the other cat. cats do go through a period of grief and this can take some time for the cat to adjust to. I have a page about this situation here

All you can do is to try and give him things to do around the home which will engagae him so that he does not seek you out as his only sorce of entertainment etc.

best wishes KAte

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