Roxanne A True Gangster Cat

by Deloris
(Carbon Hill)

A true cat rescue Story

Roxanne was a cat with no home. She hung out at the apartments complexes. Had several litters of kittens who didn't survived. One night my Tom Cat Binks brought her home. She was half wild but I had been feeding her on my porch. She entered my home and instantly I belonged to her. She was a large calico cat. She discovered the Animal Planet, Star Kist Tuna and electric heat. She staked a claim.

Soon she had 4 kittens. Her one flaw was she thought it was her job to bully the neighborhood dogs. She hated dogs but I had a little dog who was so kind that Roxanne thought she must defend him. She died after a year but I was so happy that for a year of her life she was loved every day and brought me so much happiness. I kept two of her kittens who are three years old. Daisy who is identical in traits and looks now patrols the dogs. Roxanne nursed these kittens until they were 6 months old. I figured she did where she would not come back into season. I am not sure how old she was cat but was definitely I think 6 years old or older.

I also guess her bullying the dog was a result of having to survive as a cat with no home. She spent the last year lounging and yes watching big cat diary every day.

There are so many homeless cats and if people would take a chance they may be surprised that they invite something special into their lives that they love and think as a gift. Today, cats populate so quickly and everyone should spay and neuter their cats. Maybe if
every house adopted one cat and did this there would be a lot less homeless cats. I miss Roxanne and think of her a lot. Especially when I catch Daisy (Sheriff Daisy) walking past the fenced in yard of dogs and aggravating them.

by: tracy

You are so right...Its people who create the pet population. They take in cats and do not get them spayed or neutered then the male sprays and the female drives them crazy and out they go.I know it costs money to get your cat fixed but their are agencies that help. I also feed the stray and feral cats here on my street and a volunteer for protectors of animals did trap, neuter and return to 13 cats . These cats also got their shots and any medical attention they needed. I thank God for this lady because she has helped with the cat population here and has helped to get cats forever homes.Please if yiu take in a cat you have to get them spayed or neutered that is part of having a pet.I have 2 cats that we fond outside when they were kittens. Bootsie is 6 and Bonnie is 3. I love them! If I had a house I would have them all. There is a garage across the street that doesn't have a door on it and a lot of the cats are there and I put food there for them. The lady that owns the house lets me come on her property to feed them. She said there have always been cats there because there is no door on the garage as well as a few Raccoons and skunks come to eat also..
Thank you for sharing your story with me are so wonderful!

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