run away kitty

by ash



okay so my indoor kitty has run away 3 times in the last 2 weeks. This is the first time my kitty has seen the out doors. any ways the first time he came running home. the second time we had to drag him home and now he EATS so much do you think he caught something thats making him eat so much? i'm preganat and scared that the cats gonna hurt my unborn child i hear so much but i don't know the truth i wasn't really worried about it till now that he keeps running away help me please i love my kitty but if he's gonna harm my baby he's gotta go

Answer by Kate
I really don't know where all these scare rumours and myths come from.

There is absolutely no reason why a cat would harm a baby. In fact there has been studies done that having a cat around actually helps children for their social growth.

The only thing I would say is that when the baby is first born make sure you keep the door to their room shut when they are are on there own in case the cat comes and settles down in the snug warm baby bed, which may not be a good idea and would prevent any accidents.

Before the baby comes home make sure you show the cat all the new baby things and let them have a good sniff etc. then when the baby first comes home let the cat smell a blanket which the baby has been using so that he gets used to the scent before meeting the baby, this will prevent any upset and possible urination/territory marking.

The first few meetings should be supervised but this is for both the baby and the cats benefit, i.e nothing too scary too soon.

After that I'm sure the cat and baby will become great friends.

If you at all worried about your cats health, get him checked by the vet before the birth, to put your mind at rest.

best wishes and congratulations on your forth coming birth.


P.S Lovely picture, he looks like a great cat, who if gets out i'm sure will eventually come back once he has done exploring. Cats are smart and would never leave a happy home where they get food, affection and comfort. :)

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