Runt Cat 15 months old, has not gone into heat yet!!!

by Amber Lee
(Canada, Ontario)

My Cat is a smaller than normal cat, she is part siamese im not sure of the other, but she was the runt of the litter and was sick when she was born, but she seems healthy now, just a bit smaller tham other cats, she also has a different shaped head more round, but my main concern is that she has not had a heat yet, there was only one night that she was meowing like she was in heat but that was it never again, she also barley ever meows, only randomly, but keep in mind she is a very loving and sweet cat no behavoral problems... thank you, if somone could give my some info on why she has not had heat, I would greatly appreiciate it...

Thank you
Amber and Kitty Bitty

Answer by Kate
well if your cat was the runt of the litter it is possible that she has some birth defects and may not develop in the same way as other cats.

in humans when someone is very thin they often loss their periods due to hormone change. this may be similar to your cat who is smaller than the other cats.

So it may be hormonal or it may be a birth defect. the only way to know for sure would be for a vet to check them out, perhaps some blood tests would show a hormonal imbalance.

i would say though that if this cat is small and was the runt of the litter that it may not be a good idea to allow her to have kittens anyway. It is likely that they may be born with defects too if they survive and it could also affect the health of your cat. the vet will be better placed after examination to advise on this.

best wishes Kate

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