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I'm bored!

I'm bored!

Hello everyone!

I'm concerned of the amount play activity my cat receives while he is left at home during the day while we are at work.

I have bought some mice for him to play but the packages says to "Supervise your pet during play". So we've only let him play it when we are at home. He absolutely loves the mice and usually plays independently when we're around.

My question is: Are there any "safe" and "inexpensive" toys (mice, balls, other etc) that would keep my cat busy during the day so he won't get lonely??

We always feel bad that he has no one to play with while we are away at work. I don't want him to become depressed and anti-social. As he is an indoor cat, we would like him to feel safe with the toys he has and not hurt himself playing with potential hazardous toys.

Any suggestions? He is still a lively, playful 4 1/2 month old male kitty.


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lonely kitty
by: Anonymous

Have you thought about a companion......2 kitties are as easy as one and they would have each other to play with when alone.Mine love each other and play alot with each other, hence no need to worry about play time.

by: Kate

Hi, great collar by the way.

Kittens are ful of energy and love to climb and run around. My personal recommendation would be some sort of climbing, scratching, playing toy. I have one on our cat scratching toys page which has a dagly ball in the middle for them to bat around. It will help keep his claws in good condition and is great for running around and attacking.
Also ping pong balls are great as they have nothing that will come off and are great for tossing around and chasing.

I think the golden rule is that as long as the toy has nothing that can come off is the safets option for leaving with your kitten throughout the day.

It's great that you are thinking of him while he's at home alone as boredom can case destructive behavior and anyway we all want a happy cat :)


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