sammy cat

by Tina
(Col. Ind. )

cool cat

cool cat

My cat has went blind and I don't know why. I have taken him to the vet and they have put him on hyper-tension meds and predazone in hopes of getting his eye sight back. He is 10 yeaars old, I guess I'm hoping for a miracle, has any one had this happen to them and what was your results. He is the picture of health.

Reply from Kate
I have not had experience of this, so I will leave the quetion open for someone else to comment on if they can.

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update on sammy cat
by: Tinab

Hi, every one just wanted to do a update on sammycat. I hope it's not just wishful thinking, but I have had sam on hpyer-tension meds now for 5 days and I think his eye sight is coming back! I see more color in his big beautiful eyes and a lot less pupil. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers. Tina & sammycat

by: Anonymous

Thank you for comments, you have given me a little hope. God bless, sammycat & Tina

Sammy The Cat
by: Mary in NC

Hi Tina
Sammy is sure beautiful.
I took in a 9 year old cat in my rescue a couple years ago who seemed to have eyesite issues.
Upon a visit to the vet we found this cat had High Blood Pressue which the vet attributed to his ailing eyesight.
He did go on Hypertension meds and eventually his sight was greatly improved.
I dont know if that's because he had not fully lost his sight or if the meds made the complete difference but a cat with Hypertension does DEFINATLY need their meds daily and without failure as it can lead to so many other things other than blindness.
I commend you for taking your kitty straight to the vet as only your Vet is a qualified person to properly diagnose your kittys illness.
Please let us know how Sammy does and how he responds to his meds and I will be praying for his eyesight to return and his good health too.

No matter the result....sounds like Sammy has a good "mama" to look out for him and sited or blind, I know you will take great care of him and love him just the same.
He is a lucky kitty to have a loving, concerned mama.

best wishes

Mary in NC

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