Sassy & Fiesty My Cat Rescue Story

by Laura Roberts
(Lansing Mi)

my lil gals

my lil gals

I was at work & a co-worker says do you want a kitten I said sure, and she replies its not quite 6 weeks when I look down in that box and I saw the tinest kitten in the world........ I was like she aint even a week W0W..... On my lunch break I took her "Sassy" home and fed her every 2 hours.... Well the next day was my day off and held her, fed her, played with her.... and kept her warm..... I have a male cat that is over a year old he's fixed........well he would come into the room & try & steal her from me. Once I saw he was trying to help & not hurt her I allowed the visits.... so I would feed her and he would bathe her.... He really helped me out a great deal as to the next day I went back to work only to find out they found 2 more kittens.... So of course, I wanted to take the other 2 home so they can be with their sister....another woman decided she wanted 1 of them so I took "Fiesty" home with me and my male cat welcomed his new sister into our house... As I would feed & Bully "my male cat" would bathe and play so gentle with his 2 new sisters it was so much pleasure to see them play together...... Bully taught them lil gals so much he makes me so proud of him...... His name no longer fits him lol....... Sassy & Fiesty will be 10 weeks tomorrow 10/12/2009

by: Angel

They are SO cute! You are really lucky to be the mom of those two little bundles of joy! Have fun with them!
by: laura

Im the 1 that's lucky to have them in my life...
They mean the world to me........... Its so amazing to watch them grow & watch all the changes in their lil bodies as the become a adult cat I cant wait but I also want them to stay as they are but i know they will grow I think I spoiled them they want me to hold them almost 24 lol
by: Tracy

You are so wonderful to have taken in those kittens! I am glad your cat took to them so well!
I have a 3 year old male cat named Bootsie and a 6 month old female named Bonnie. Both are fixed. We wanted to get Bootsie a playmate because he is so friendly to dogs and cats. He loves Bonnie. He bathes her just as your cat does and they play together and sleep together most of the time. Its so cute to watch. I also feed the stray/feral cats in my neighborhood. I loved reading your story about the kittens. They are so lucky to have you!

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