Saved A Cat Rescue Story

by gloria
(sylmar, CA)

one day as a family, we decided to go to the shelter, just too look. i was only in 5th grade, i was probably about ten years old. as we looked around we saw a lot of animals, and felt sad we couldn't take each one of them.. it was just as we were leaving when we were passing by the cats... i stopped to look, alongside of my mother. there was a kitten, who was adorable, antoerh cat, who was declawed, none caught my eye, until i saw her. she had tiger like stripes on all four of her legs, she was black and gray. and she sat with so much confidence. and she looked at me right in my eyes, as we made the strangest connection, that i till this day have never felt. i knew right then and there i had to have her. i told my mother this is it, thats the one i want. on her cage, she had a medical note, that she was taking medication... so we talked with an employee there, and the cat, had an injured tail. the tip of her tail, was missing hair... the lady also told us, she had been there for a week, that, her time was up, that if she wasnt taken today, they were gonna eunthanize her. she was about three or four years old already. i knew people mostly go four kittens rather than old cats.......... i begged my mom, and she finally budged.... i took him what would be my new best friend.

we chose the name asia for her. her tail healed within a month and she no longer needed medication.. she wasnt shy at all, she was looking for love and affection. the first couple nights she didnt sleep in out rooms because she had fleas, once they cleared up, she would sleep on our heads, cuddle with us... when we would eat she would always be at our feet begging like a dog, she loved cream cheese and would tap me
with her paw when she wanted some. she loved to lay in the sun in our back yard. now about nine years later, shes been by my side.

i feel like shes more than my cat, i feel like im her human, like were companions..... we have a connection thats so untouchable, i know somehow we were meant for each other. shes the most amazing, beautiful creature ive ever encountered.... she sleeps with me every single night, if not on my head, in my arms or on my neck... she has the most wonderful life, as do i because i we found each other. i saved her life as she saved mine. i dont know where i would be if i hadnt met her. shes about 13 or 14 now, and shes the cutest bundle of joy... we even meow to each other and its bizarre its like we understand each other....our bond is indescribable, when im upset, she knows, she will come and hug me and rest her head on my head, and wrap her perfectly stripped arms around my neck as if to tell me everything going to be ok.

we live in a big house in a quiet area with a huge backyard and we call it her retirement home, she loves to lay out in the sun, eat, be pet, and sleep, i see shes in a lot of harmony and peace and im glad i can provide that for her, because what she has done for me its more than i can do for her.

sometimes i sit and wonder, where she came from, how did she end up in the pound.. who were her previous owners? was she a street cat>? did she ever feel scared? it makes me sad to think of all the possibilities but i know shes very content now, and by far the most spoiled and very well loved cat i have ever met. i'm so thankful for her. shes my life, i love her more than anything else in this world.

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