Saving Multiple Cats..

by Kristen
(Southern Louisiana, US)

First let me say I'm a huge animal lover! I first started off with finding a stray cat at my door step in around 1998. Little did I know she might have been about 3 years young and pregant. I decided to name her "Mamacat". She had a litter of 6 kittens. I found homes for four of them and kept two of her kittens. One of her kittens ended up running away and never found. I believe I might have saw him but couldn't get close enough to tell. The other one I called "Dispy" and proably once he was of 5 years he came inside a mess. We had to amputate his tail and rear right leg or put him to sleep. Needless to say I was determined that he should stay alive and have surgry. Now he's going on 8 and doing alright. He runs faster than before! But I must admit that besides just those two life changing events that he has been through other major problems. But he seems to be a hudge fighter for life like his mother. I've found yet another cat roaming my neighborhood and decided to try feeding and helping. A beautiful siamese cat with crystal blue eyes. I called her "Angel" because she was so beautiful and was so peaceful when she came around. Come to find out she was pregant also. I was determined to make sure nothing happened to her so I kept feeding her in order for her to stay near my home in the back yard. One day come home and found her ran over but I had giving her the proper burial for her and the unborn kittens. Next cat I found at my door step on Halloween night in 2004 at the age of 2 years young. She is a grey and brownish stripped cat named "Kitty-Kitty". I was excited about her because i felt like there was something different and unique about her. She loved to play chase, would come to me on whistle command, and just a fun loving cat. But all of a sudden became ill and was told she had a heart mur-mur and not sure how long she would live. I nor her was going to let that stop us from goofing off and playing. Today she is healthy and still has her same old playful attitude! Next two kittens that was abandoned by there mother. One was a all black kitten and the other looked to be somewhat brownish black. I had rescued them from a pastors house where he was trying to get them to help them and called for me to help rescue. We finally caught the black one first. He wasn't doing good at all. His heart beat was slow and his body tempt. was low low. I had to try somewhat of a force feed because he didn't even want to even or drink. I had held him close to my

body to help warm him. A day went by I thought he was looking better and starting to eat a tad more. About 2 days after I had to return to school and leave him home alone and pray that he would eat on his own and keep warm under the blankets I provided. Came home later that evening to find him passed away away from the blankets. I was determined to catch the other kitten and save its life. When we caught the second kitten it appeared to be blackish brownish and I was confused at first because there was also some white to the kitten at the tips of the hairs. Then I come to realize that all that black and brown was FLEAS! It was a baby siamesse that was a lite cream color filled with fleas in its eyes and everywheres! First thing was I brought it to my house to wash away all the fleas as they started to climb onto me and my mother. She has to have over thousands of fleas on her that I removed. The day after I brought her to the vet to get a check up done with shots and the works. When trying to figure out what to name I had no idea where to start since she was so helpless. "Nu-Nu" all of a sudden came to me after trying to go threw different names the kitten. She is now about 2 years old and evil as can be. She thinks that she is the boss of everyone. She loves to be picked up and flipped upside down so she can have a long nice back stretch. She is beautiful and healthy as well. Not to long ago appears another cat that is badly malnurished where my mother has been feeding for a couple weeks now. I haven't named him yet and his beyond friendly for being a stray older cat. He is not fixed and proably about 5 years old and is starting to get more curious about entering the house. We cannot let that happen since he is not fixed and unsure of his attitude. But like I said he is very friendly and hes also starving for some loveing. Mamacat, Dispy, Kitty-Kitty and Nu-Nu are all still here today and of course fixed ever since we had them. Mamacat has already started having the old cat problems that I am now trying to help her get through. She is a HUGE fighter for anything and everything. She never did let anything push her around or stop her. Dispy is also still going through his troubles with his UT problems. But still strong as his mother. Kitty-Kitty still acting as if shes a kitten. Nu-Nu is well.. Nu-Nu, shes always outside wondering around and at night comes in to rest. Besides just saving the animals I have I always try convencing people to adopt animals. There always a treat to have around.

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