Saving Sam (Continued) Update

by Mary
(North Carolina,USA)

Sweet Sam

Sweet Sam

A few weeks ago I sent in my story about "Sam" a precious Grey Tabby that I took in when his elderly owner had to go into a nursing home.

Her family was going to take him to the pound where he would have surely been put down. I heard of this and went and adopted him so save him from this situation.
Sam has been a wonderful addition to my already large feline rescued household.

However 3 weeks ago Sam became blocked (Urinary crystals) and was hospitalized in urgent fashion in order to save his life.
He spent 7 days in the Vet hospital on IV fluids and with a catheter that had to be sutured in before he could urinate on his own.
He did well and was able to come home and we thought all was well until last week I noticed his litter box was not being used as normal.
Sam was in distress (after 2 days of blockage, a cat can die).
This is a painful medical problem which can be fatal quickly without medical intervention.
I could not allow Sam to suffer so off we went to the Vet again last Tuesday and it was confirmed that he was again blocked completely.

To make a long story short, he has been hospitalized a week now and they just called me to say he is FINALLY urinating on his own and come home.

Both hospital bills came to a whopping $2,000 all total but you know what?
I made this cat a promise when I took him in that he would never be in need as long as he is a part of my family and that promise I make to ALL my rescues and at ANY COST!
Some folks say "It is only a cat and that's too much money to waste on a cat"
To those hard hearted souls all I can say is this:
When you take in an animal, you make a commitment for the duration of their life.
That means when they are hungry, you feed them.
When they are in need of shelter, you house them.
When they are sick, you get them medical attention.
They are living, feeling creatures that God placed on this earth for reasons of his own and when we take them in, WE are responsible for them.
Nobody ever said that caring for an animal will always be cheap.
In fact, good quality care of an animal IS COSTLY but they are a part of the family and should be considered worthy of proper care.
So, as for Sam's large Vet bill, it did set me back a little but Sam is alive and I kept my promise to him.

I also visited Sam daily at the Vet hospital so he did not think he had been cast aside and forgotten by his new family.
(Would we humans like being in the hospital for a week with no family to come visit and comfort us)? Of course not.
I have now realized the importance of pet insurance which I am securing for Sam today as I am certain he will be prone to this problem for life.
This is of course an on going expense but my precious felines are worth every dime that goes out toward their care.
I also have an appointment later today to take my "Snickers" (a 13 yr old Tortie cat) that I rescued 2 years ago in a bitter cold Michigan blizzard, to the vet for her Thyroid check and updated medication which she is on for life.

This will be another 300.00 but again, she is part of my family and depends on me for her survival and it is my duty to see she is cared for and I do that gladly and with a heart full of love.
I wanted to update Sam's story for you all and make a serious point.

Please do not take in and commit to caring for an animal that you cannot 100% provide for. They need their care givers to be attentive to their needs and if you take in an animal that you cant get medical attention for then you are doing them a serious in-justice.
I'm not being cruel here in what I say, just painfully honest.
I am horribly against euthanasia just because of over crowding situations in the local shelters but I have to say that euthanasia is far better for a cat than being taken into a home that cannot afford proper care which usually results in the cat suffering needlessly from a medical emergency or even worse, dying from a medical problem that they could have survived if they had seen a vet in time.

When you take in an animal, please think ahead of the BIG picture.
Can you imagine the horror of how you would feel to have your appendix about to rupture and not be able to see a Dr?
Your animals deserve the same ability to be cared for medically when in need.
It is a commitment that we must make and stick to.

Hope you all have a lovely week and hug your kitty's today and everyday.
Treasure your time with them.
Because even 18 years is a short time once they are gone.

Mary in NC

comment from Kate
Hi Mary I don't know how you do it, you are so strong and a wonderful person.
I agree about cat insurance i have mine insured and even though it is a ongoing expense i know just what a relief it is when your cat needs expensive treatment and you can give it without a second thought.

God bless you Mary

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