Scabs and Throwing up.

My cat is a 4 or 5 year old tabby. She is a very happy, loving and caring cat. We also have a 7 year old mancoon and he takes care of her so well, ya know cleans her and they play fight all the time.

Gigi, my tabby, has been throwing up CONSTANTLY over the past year or so, but we figured it was just hairballs or because she would go look for bugs outside and eat trees and such. Lately, I have noticed circular scabs all over both of her ears as well as a scabby balding spot above her right eyebrow area.

I thought this might be her and Snickers (our mancoon) playing around and possibly biting eachother at first, but now she is getting more and more.

If you can, please tell me what this could be signs of.. it would really help. Especially because my mom is very sick with some unknown muscle problem and most of the money has to go to her doctor, so whatever I can figure out about Gigi Id love to know.

Thank you.

Answer by Kate
unfortunately it can be difficult to diagnose this sort of problem with an examination of the area as there are many things which could cause scabs ( see this page for more information )

It may be ringworm or a skin allergy and as I say the only real way to know is to have her checked by a vet. Perhaps if you have not wormed her it might be a good idea to do this in case it is ring worm.

Apart from that the only other thing you can do is to take her to the vets.

best wishes kate

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Deworming Ringworm?
by: Anonymous

"Wormed her"? Ringworm is a fungus.

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