Scardy Cat

by Kelly
(Winnipeg Manitoba Canada)

This is the issue:

My boyfriend and I adopted a cat recently. Less than a week ago. The cat is a two year old boy. Since he's been here he's been nothing but lovey and cuddly. Sooo much affection. Then just today we were sitting watching tv. I was on the couch petting him and my bf was on a chair near by. My bf was breathing in and out quite heavily in a whiny fashion.. like just kidding around. It sounded similar to hyperventilating Anyways, the cat got soo terrified.. hair straight up on end the whole bit. He ran to the other side of the room. It was so strange... The cat walked around my bf for a while checking him out. The cat come back onto the couch.. but you can tell he was still upset. I was trying to pet him for a while.. but he kinda gave me a warning bite. not hard.. just like "Hey get away". Now every time my bf moves or anything the cat looks at him very strange. He's still scared of him.

Do you think he'll get over it? Do cats forget about things easily. If not, what are we supposed to do to win back his trust.

It was just such an odd situation. We're really stuck on what to do.


Answer by Kate
ooops I think your Bf may have caused a bit of a fear factor for himself there.

cats can take a little while to calm down after something has upset them and in this instance the upset wasn't that serious, so I would think that after a week or so things should be back to normal.

in the mean time your Bf needs to try and make some bonds with your cat to regain his trust. I have a web page about bonding with a cat which may help. It describes how you should allow the cat to make contact with you rather than the other way around. Here is the page

Lets hope that all is back to normal soon.

est wishes KAae

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