Scared Birman cat

by Amanda


Me and my husband just bought a birman and he comes from a very large family. When.we first met him in his own enviroment he seemed scared and as the owner said "shy." Although, he didn't really seem shy to me but really scared in his own enviroment. Well, we decided to take him any ways and he's 8 months old currently. Well, we have another kitten that was found at the airport and we've had now for two weeks. She is doing is wondeful in her new home and has adjusted very well here and loves it. Well, my since we have brought the new kitten home he's been worse and we have given him his own room and all. I was sitting in the room and trying to play with him and get him used to my presents he hissed and scratched. I am sure it was out of being scared though and in a new home. I guess my question is this normal for a kitten that has been indoors his whole life around the rest of his family. I just think it's very odd that he has these issues and the rest of siblings and parents are very loving and approached us at the owners home. DO you think it's possible something happened to him for him to be this way and how do we get him introduced into our home so he feels loved like other little kitten?? I am very nervous because I do not think they will get along. This breed of cats from what I have researched are normally very loving, outgoing, and great with other animals.Any help or guidance would greatly
be appreciated. Thank you a loving cat owner that is sad for her new kitten. Kind regards Amanda.

Answer by KAte
When i read something like this, steam comes out of my ears a little. i will admit it, I don't like animal breeders very much. Now i know they are not all the same but one of the main failings I come across often is that the kittens are not socialized enough from birth and can become either very withdrawn or aggressive or as in this case nervous and scared. ( Sorry for the moan, but i find it very sad)

So yes i think this little guy is not very confident and is scared. Cats react to fear with aggression as you know.

Yes i think his current behavior is due to him still trying to get used to his new home, people etc and that also there is now a strange cat on his territory. All too much for him I think.

As to what you can do for him, well you could him a week of introduction with the new kitten, it is designed to instill confidence in them both in a safe quiet calm environment. it does take a little time and effort but is worth it in the end.

Can i recommend that you read these two pages, one is about scared cats and how you may be able to help them. the other describes the introduction process.

Hopefully with time, lots of attention, lots of things to keep him distracted and stimulated in the home , he will eventually find his feet and settle down.

here are the pages

best wishes Kate

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