Scared cat owner

by Lisa R
(Mesa, Az USA)

My cat is about 6 weeks pregnant I believe and as of last night she has flipped her lid. I have a spayed 4 year old cat in my home as well. My cat that is pregnant is attacking her! I tried to break it up last night and she attacked me as well. Im scared to have them in the same room in fear they will kill each other. These 2 cats have been together for years, I dont understand the extreme behavior change. Is it because she's having kittens soon and is being protective? Or has my cat gone nuts? I dont want to give her up but in the same sentence i don't want a mean animal!

Answer by Kate
Firstly I doubt very much that your cat has gone nuts or overly aggressive.
You have to understand that a lot of the time cats aggression is caused by fear rather than actual aggression. So it could well be that your pregnant cat may have been frightened by something. Now it could well be tht whatever it was that frightened her may have absolutely nothing to do with your other cat. this is common.

My advice would be to keep the two cats apart fro a day or so and then to gentle and slowly reintroduce them gain to each other using the safe confinement method described here

Don't worry I'm sure things will calm down and remember that cats pick up on our own emotions so the calmer you are the calmer they will be too.

best wishes KAte

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