scenting cat

by Karyn Kruzick
(South Windsor CT, USA)

I have a fourteen year old siamese cat. He has been a wonderful cat for our whole family-very affectionate, kind if a bit loud at times with his great MEOOOOOW. Although he has always been demanding at feeding time, he has always been pretty low key. In the past few past weeks, he has started "scenting" near me when he doesn't get his way immediately.

For example, a long time habit of his has been to between 4-5 every morning he jumps up on my bed to let me know I want to go out. If I did not get up fast enough for him, he would go scratch at my son's door to wake him up--therefore ensuring that I would get up quick!
The new behavior that he is showing is that I have seen him jump up on my bed, jump off quick- wait one minute or so and if I am not up, scent on the side of my bed or even directly next to me on the bed. I have witnessed this at least on two occasions. He will also do this when he wants to go outside when all are awake. He will go the front door, and if I do not open it immediately he will come by me in the kitchen and scent on the table or cabinet. I love my baby, but this has got to stop!

Any ideas will be appreciated.

Background: We have not moved, he have one other male cat who has been with us three years-though they are not friends they get along. I have three children age 11, 9. and 6. No changes in our home, new pets....

Answer by KAte
Umm does sound a bit odd as cats do not scent for reasons other than for territory marking or to make themselves feel more comfortable in there surroundings i.e it smells more of them and so they feel secure.

i wonder if he is feeling anxious about something outside. It is possible that there a new cat in town and he can smell them outside and is itching get out and stake his claim to his territory. when he can't get out he feels anxious and so scents his home to make him feel better.

As to waht you can do about this I'm not sure, apart from cleaning everywhere so that his odor is not left and will encourage him to go there again and to also clean around the outside of the door in case another cat has scented there.

Hopefully this is just a phase which will pass. if not the only other thing you could try is the litter training process which is designed to help a cat regain confidence. See here for more details

best wishes KAte

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