scolding my cat

by Karen

my kitty shuggar

my kitty shuggar

hi im karen and my kitty is shuggar,and when i scold her it seems like she back talks me like a mother daughter argument. its sooooo strange.also she follows me almost every where i go in my home like a dog and well my b/f keeps saying now karen she is a cat NOT A DOG!!!! hahaha,i feel like my kitty talks to me on other occiasions as well.i thought she was half orential,but when i looked that breed she dont look like that.she is a solid white wit light blue eyes and CAN HEAR!!! i found out that im lucky that she "can" b/f has a cat a big fatty,lol who only squeeeks,{sooo strange} hear and there. can kitties really have a special connection with there owner's??i feel like we sure do!!!

Answer by Kate
well some breeds are more vocal than others like the oriental breeds etc. So your cat may have an element of these breeds in her bloodline somewhere.

the other possibility is that your cat is too attached to you and could suffer from separation anxiety. ie they are only happy when they are with you ball the time. this is unhealthy and can cause problems. Please see my web pages about this here

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