Scratching cat

by jennifer
(norman, oklahoma)

I've had my cat for about 2 weeks now. She has an eye that likes to run, and scratches her ears and neck til they are bald. Vet says nothing is wrong but is on antibiotics. 3 days later, still no improvement. Her body temperature seems to be up and down. She feels hot sometimes. She's indoor and been treated for ticks. Worms have been tested for and were negative. I have an apt for her, again, tomorrow.

She seems to be acting fine other than the occasional loud meow for attention. I don't know much about her personality to judge though. She's 6 months, been fixed and has claws. Her stools were runny but slowly hardening back up. She drinks A LOT of water.

What is up with her? Vet claims she's ok but I am not so sure.

Answer by Kate
basically you are doing the right thing by taking your cat for regular vet appts to try and rule out any underlining illnesses. The vet should be able to advise you if they think further tests are required like blood work etc. But if they think they are unnecessary they don't like to put the cat through any extra stress etc or to charge you extra money. So I would take it has a good sign that the vet thinks she is Ok.

The symptoms could all be caused by the change of environment. Some cats can take some time to settle down and the stress of all the changes, different food etc can upset their system for a while.

Some cats are allergic to some things around the home and the scracthing could be caused by an allergic reaction if it is not mites. Speak to your vet about this. I also have a web page about cat allergies here

All I can say is this, keep the appt, take the vets advice and give your cat plenty of TLC over the coming weeks. Make sure their home environment is fun and stimulating See this page here for some ideas

Make sure they have a proper litter tray in an area which is quite and away from their food.

If after a few more weeks you are still worried, you could always visit another vet for a second opinion.

Hope all settles down soon

best wishes Kate

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by: Jennifer


$300 later, I give in and take her to the woman that I got her from at the humane society. After a week of calling this woman, she finally gets back to me, comes to get my baby and says it's fungus. She gave me some medicine, so I am hoping my baby starts feeling better soon.

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