scruffy cat

by Lee Miles
(hereford, england)

My cat, who adopted me and has no sure age, is usually very neat and tidy but recently she is looking quite scruffy and i keep finding little tufts of cat hair with what looks like small scabs attatched to them lying around, she also feels like she has hard lumps down her back just on the skin. what could this be? she isnt as bouncy as she used to be either :(

Well there are lots of different cat skin conditions which could cause this but the first thing you need to check is that she is not infested with fleas. Some cats can become allergic to the flea bites which causes intense itching which in turn would cause the cat to scratch and bite themselves which can cause scabs.


Unfortunately because there are many different causes of skin conditions such as scabs it really does need an expert eye and tests to determine the exact cause
cat-skin and fur problems

If you cannot see any fleas or flea dirts then you will have tot take your cat to the vets so that they can take a skin scraping and look under a microscope to find the cause of your cats scabs.

i hope a solution can be found soon. this must be very distressing and uncomfortable for your cat.

best wishes kate

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Skin Condition?
by: Maggie

I have an 8mth old male nurtured cat. It is mostly white with a black tail and black ears and a black

On its lower jaw around its mouth there was , at what first appeared to be a gray marking but on closer inspection it appears that this colouring come from the skin it as cause rough hairs growing out of this area. This black stuff can be removed. Its not food that has adhered to its skin. It is otherwise in top form.

What is it and what is the cause? It looks like black mould growing from the skin up the hairs.


Thank you
by: Lee

Thank you for your time Kate, puss has not been home the last few days :( when she returns I shall take her to the vets. Thanks again x

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