Seeing the world through the eyes of my cats

by Mary
(Virginia, USA)

I have been a cat rescuer for many years and owned by many wonderful cats in my blessed life. I have gained most of my life's happiness from the time spent living with and rescuing many delightful cats. I cannot describe the happiness of gazing into the eyes of a cat that I have rescued and seeing the love and appreciation that they relate in their loving eyes.

My last 15 years of life has been devoted to cat rescue and spaying and neutering of strays. I have been blessed to have the opportunity over those years to help save a large number of cats from harm or certain death. I have felt and seen much love from a large number of cats and for those moments in my life, I am grateful.

I still own cats (and a spoiled silly dog) and I still work and am active locally in helping low income families get their cats fixed. I just had four fixed today for two senior citizens who could not have otherwise afforded it. It gives me great pleasure to be able to do it.
I am writing this because just four weeks ago I went to the eye Dr. to have glasses updated. I regret that I had neglected my eyes for a number of years but when my vision became very blurred earlier this year, I decided I needed to get better glasses.

I went to the Dr on July 24th this year and was given the bad news that I have Acute, Progressive Glaucoma and that my vision was so damaged that there was no possible reversal for my case. I have been told that my eyesight is declining and that I will lose total vision sooner than later. I have already been declared legally blind in the state of Virginia where I reside. Getting this news caught me off guard and has caused me to look at my life and how it is changing to living in total darkness sooner than later. My first concern was " What's going to happen to the cats that need me to help them in the future" and " How will I care for the cats I currently own?"
I have come to terms that the gift of cat rescue and helping a cat in need does not require you to be a sighted person. It only requires that you have a willing heart to help the cats in need and the determination to carry out the task at hand.
So, yes, I am going blind. Yes I will not be able to see that love in a rescued cats eyes in the near future. BUT, I can still do my work of rescue with the help of my sighted family members and I can view the world through the eyes of the cats that I currently have and continue to rescue and find homes for. I don't have to have my eyesight to see and feel
the love from these wonderful cats. I may be going blind but my cats will SEE me through this stage of my life. I AM BLESSED!!! I have written many poems in my life about my cats and other cats. Many of my poems are on this website. I will continue to write poems about cats as I love them so much. My loss of vision will not take that away from me. The cats give me strength to carry on.

Meow to All who love cats.

Mary in Virginia

Mary i am so sorry to hear your news. What can I say, life can be so unfair. I know how hard you have worked over the years to look after stray cats and god bless you for it. I know you will always continue to acre for our furry friends and I'm sure their love will help you through the times ahead.

Much love Kate

Aug 17, 2013
Don't give up!!!
by: Noorjahan

Hi Mary,I'm so sorry for what is happening to you.But just keep in mind that the life you have even with this difficulty is an extraordinary life.Being part of all these furry balls'life is such a tremendous blessing..I too love them so much.I am so happy that such people like you exist.May God bless you always..Never give up dear Mary.

Aug 16, 2013
seeing the world through the eyes of my cats
by: Anonymous

You are such a wonderful person to help all of the kitties. I also feed the stray /feral cats and a wonderful woman who does what you do (volunteers for protectors of animals) has come and has done trap, neuter, and return to 13 cats and has found homes for as many of the friendly cats as she can. Many of the cats that were once feral are not because as I have been feeding them I have gained their trust. It is people who do not get their cats fixed who cause this overpopulation problem.I am so sorry that you will lose your sight. I know God has a lan for all of us and for some reason he has chosen this for you, but miracles do happen..I believe that.Thank you for being such a wonderful person to help these kitties.I also have 2 cats of my own. They were outside and my husband rescued them when they were kittens. Bootsie is 6 and Bonnie is 3. They are indoor cats because I live on the 3rd fl. of a apt. building and its too dangerous as I live in the city . The cats all find their way to me because I feed them. It is not their fault ...I wish I could have a house and I would keep them all. I spend a small fortune feeding them. I need to move, but I don't want to leave the kitties...anyway thank you for sharing with all of us what you do and how much you love the kitties!

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