senile cat?

by Karen
(Walnut Creek, CA)

My cat, Boz, is getting on in years, he's 17 years old. Recently, he has been acting strangely. Whenever I come home and back my car into the garage, he walks into the middle of the driveway and refuses to move, even after I honk my horn at him. The other day, my daughter and I were going out in her car which was parked on the street, Boz came over and sat down in front of the tire and refused to move. Another time, my husband and I were going out and the cat sat just inside the garage staring out at us and refused to come out after we called to him and honked at him. We decided to close the door because the noise of the motor and the door starting to close usually startles him into running out (the door has a sensor and won't close on him). He didn't move and the door closed. When we opened the door a few seconds later, he was still in the same position--staring out.

We've tested his hearing and he is not going deaf. Is he trying to tell us something? I'm scared that one day I may not see him
walk in front of the car; it's as if he has a death wish.

Answer by KAte
well this is a difficult one to answer as I dont think there is any particular illness involved.
It may purely be a habit he got into and yes he may indeed be going senile, in which case there is not much you can do. I don't think he is trying to get himself run over i think that his particular choice of sitting position and habit with the car is just that a habit.

i have a web page here o the site about age related illness in cats etc which you may find of further interest here

Unfortunately as our cats get older we do have to be little more attentive around them and so perhaps for you it is having to check behind your car every time.

best wishes Kate

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