senior cat gagging

My 18 yr old senior cat has been gagging for a while now. It's not hairballs. The gagging lasts for a few seconds. I noticed her nose has liquid coming out when she gags. I talked to my vet about this and he didn't seem to think it's anything to worry about. He said it sounds like allergies.

Anyway she is eating well. But it seems there is fluid build-up in her lungs. Does this sound like asthma? Or could it be heart disease? The gagging attacks seem to be daily now. I have air purifiers and I don't smoke so I am not sure what else to do. Like I said I love her but she is almost 19 and I really hate to put her through a lot at this stage. But if I can help her I will. She is otherwise healthy and seems to be enjoying life.

Thanks so much.

Umm so your vet says it may be allergies, but has he carried out any tests to see if she does have fluid build up in her lungs, or if her heart is ok?

At 19 is getting rather old now and it could simply be signs that her system is starting to fail but depending what is causing the issue, medication may be able to help or ease the problem. As I say I am not sure what if anything your vet has done or advised.

Yes it could be an allergy

But as you
say it could also be an indication of many other things and I don’t like the sound of the gagging. If it were me I would speak to my vet frankly about what tests he could carry out that would not be too stressful for your cat to try and determine the cause and also to ask him for his honest opinion. He may feel that due to your cats age that further tests or treatments may put too much of a strain on her. It is difficult for me to say as I do not know your cat and what her over all condition is. Your vet should really be guiding you more at this time.

You say that it is not hairballs, are you sure as gagging without producing anything is an indication of a hair in the throat. I don’t know if you give her anything to prevent hairballs but if not there are some great things on the market which help them hair pass easily and my cats love it too.


I do think you need to talk more with your vet and be open with him as to how you feel about watching your cat gag all the time and also not wanting to put her through much. If he is a good vet he should be honest and frank with you and give you many options so that you can make the best choices for your cat.

I hope you find a solution soon

Best wishes Kate

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