Severe problems with cat urination...

by Jacob Eder
(Tomah, Wisconsin, USA)

Levi, light haired, Autumn, calico dark haired...

Levi, light haired, Autumn, calico dark haired...

Hello, I am Jacob Eder. I have had two cats for nearly two years now. One, being a male is not picky at all. He will eat anything, and would probably use his litter box even if I had not cleaned it in months. The second, a calico, female, which are both related, is very picky. She has been urinating on furniture, clothing, just about everything. She poops in the litter box's, which by the way we have three of, however, urinates where she pleases. The problem is, aside from the odor, my mother is all ready a cat hater, and wants to put her down. I think that is ridiculous, we haven't the right to take a life, nor is it severe enough in my opinion, to kill her for something fixable.

As of now, we are isolating her with her own bed, food, water, and cat litter box. I tested something late last night. I put some of my clothing, a sleeping bag, and fresh cat litter in the box, she pee'd on the sleeping bag. She has been isolated for three days. It is all ready very hard for me to see her so depressed and lonely. I do keep lights on, although.

The veteranarians nearby' said it is a behavorial problem, no sickness i.e urinary tract infection. They think my male cat, her brother' has a domination complex, very terratorial. We have never fed them wet food so to speak, just the dry stuff, and "Greenies" a cat treat which they love. If you would check that out, to see if that is a problem, I'd be obliged.

Anyways, I would like to order some of your cat litter, but I want a professional opinion first. Please help me!

Sincerely, Jacob...

Answer by KAte
well my
first question is are they both neutered / spayed? if not then this could definitely be a reason for her behavioral problems.

the vet is right it is purely behavioral and is not her being bad or anything as human as that. No it is usually down to being anxious, please see this page for reasons why this behavior occurs

you need to keep her in her own room with her own litter tray, bed and fresh water etc, she also needs to be visited through out the day so that she does not become too lonely. She should stay in this room for at least a week and this may have to be repeated in the future if the problem persists. this is not punishment but a way for her to calm down and to feel more secure again. A sort of time out. make sure there is nothing in the room with your scent on it like blankets etc as this will encourage her to use them for her scenting.

if you don't mind me saying but your mother has a horrible attitude towards cats. you're so right you should never put a healthy cat to sleep, at the very least an new home can always be found.

your cats will always need separate litter trays which are not near to each other and also make sure your home is as stimulating as possible for your cat, it helps them to not focus on anything which could be worrying them etc, see this page for some ideas

don't worry, a little TLC and persistence on your part will help your cat to stop this behavior, she may be an anxious cat that reacts badly to things, some cats are like this and need extra TLC.

best wishes Kate

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