Shaking legs, peeing, you name it, my cat does it.

by Jennifer
(Hong Kong)

Hi there-

I have a wacky cat whom I adore, but she is driving me batty. She is about 3 years old now, and has been a tail sucker/hair eater from when she was a kitten. Recently she has been peeing all over the place, which went away when I got a Feliway comfort zone (though as soon as it ran out she started up with the peeing again), meowing persistently, and most recently, shaking her back left leg. She's completely wacky, and has "faked" injuries before-- I am so not kidding! Sometimes she will limp, as if her front paw is hurt, but I took her to two vets, who both determined she was fine. She and my other cat both refuse to drink out of the water bowls- they will only drink from the faucet, vases with plants, and lick the water from the walls of my shower. I'm not making any of this up- she's just totally wacky. I guess I am really asking about the peeing and the persistent meowing, as the other stuff I can just chalk up to her quirkiness....... Thank you very much!!



Answer by Kate
Sounds like you have a right little character there.
Urination issues are complex and can be caused by so many things. But mainly its due to the cat not feeling comfortable in their home and trying to make it smell more like them to help calm them down. the trick is finding out what may be causing your cat to feel this way.

I have a web page here about some of the possible causes but at the end of the day you will have to evaluate your own situation to try and find out what the issue may be. It also has some information about giving your cat some litter training which can help to calm them down and get used to their litter tray again.

best wishes Kate

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