She Picked Me - A Cat Rescue Story

by Michelle
(Rancho Cucamonga, Ca, USA)

Ellie's first day home

Ellie's first day home

This is my 6 month old tortie Siamese Ellie. I knew I wanted to rescue a cat from our local shelter, but I had no idea this little angel was waiting. When I first walked in to take a look at all the cats, a little tiger striped kitten caught my eye first, but I really didn't want to adopt a kitten since everyone goes in for kittens. Ellie was sitting in the corner of her cage while a big black cat hissed and growled at her. I couldn't believe they would leave her in there with such a mean cat. As I leaned in to say hi she scurried past the mean cat and stuck her paw out to me. My heart melted and I knew I had to hold her, so I ran out to ask the lady working there to get her out of the cage. As soon as the lady put her in my arms Ellie licked my face. I have never had a cat give kisses just like a dog before, it was adorable. She nestled herself under my chin and began to play with my hair while i petted her. This was it, she was mine and I couldn't imagine her not in my life!

by: Anonymous

My graphite did the same thing. I was at the shelter petting the other cats, and he climbed over them and right on to my shoulder. The lady at the shelter started laughing and said "I think he made the decision for you!"

by: Michelle

thanks everyone! and I love your story about your cat too!
He adopted me
by: Anonymous

That story sounds sooo familiar. My Pepper adopted us. We went to a shelter to see the cats and he was doing everything he could to get our attention. I picked him up and he started to purr and gave kisses and nuzzled my neck and arms. I put him back in the cage and he stuck his arm out reaching for me. I couldn't leave without him. He got home and immediately got along with my other 2 cats. They are the best of friends now. I couldn't imagine life without him. He follows me everywhere. He and I have a special bond. He adopted me.
Too Cute kitty
by: Anonymous

I love this story - good for you not to automatically adopt a kitten.
What a cute cat
by: Marilyn

Too cute!!!

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